“Living with SMA in Poland” – Webinar

Have you come to Poland recently? Have you been living here for some time but you still don’t know how all of it works yet? On Wednesday, we will organise a webinar entitled “Living with SMA in Poland”, during which we will try to answer the most common questions about living with SMA in Poland. We will walk you through treatment options, the expected changes to the law, and the therapies available in Poland. We will talk about care options for people who need respiratory support or who have gastrostomy. We will also talk about orthopedic care and rehabilitation equipment.

Meanwhile, send us your questions to [email protected]. You will also be able to ask questions during the webinar using Facebook chat – we will do everything to answer them all.

The webinar will take place on the Zoom platform and will start on Wednesday, 9th March 2022 at 19:00 Warsaw time.

Join by clicking on the link below:


Looking forward!

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/7120570901317691