SMA Contact Centre

We have launched our Contact Centre for Ukrainian SMA Families fleeing from Ukraine. Our Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish-speaking coordinators are on call from morning till night.

As the SMA families ourselves, we understand your concern and special needs very well.

  • We will register you in our system,
  • We will explain matters associated with entry into Poland, including the required documents, and advise about the appropriate migration route that will allow receiving SMA treatment in Poland,
  • We will prepare a supporting document to facilitate your border crossing,
  • We will assist you with suitable accommodation, including emergency accommodation,
  • We will try to help with transport from the border to other places in Poland,
  • We will help to arrange the obtain medical and rehabilitation equipment,
  • We will help you start or continue SMA treatment in Poland,
  • We will connect you with other support organizations if needed.

In addition, we will do our best to help you with leaving Ukraine.

If you have SMA or look after children with SMA, please contact us as soon as possible, no matter which side of the border you currently are.

Phone: +48 22 120 1750 (9am–9pm)

Email: [email protected]

To make our work easier, please complete an appropriate form before speaking to us:

  • If you need help, complete this form: HELP NEEDED
  • If you can offer accommodation, transportation or medical equipment, complete this form: HELP OFFERED