Access to medical care

The right to medical care under the public health care system in Poland is granted to every person who is paying a monthly contributions to public health insurance (the so-called National Health Fund contributions). For most people, these contributions are compulsorily paid by the employer. Self-employed persons pay contributions on their own.

When going for public health insurance, the person may choose to have their immediate family included on the policy. This requires submitting an instruction to the Health Insurance Institution (ZUS) on a special form. After submission, all applicants are entitled to all public healthcare services right away.

IMPORTANT: Persons who are not citizens of the European Union can purchase the so-called voluntary insurance of the National Health Fund, which works in the same way as compulsory insurance. It also covers all medical procedures available in the universal health care system for the whole family. This insurance costs about PLN 500 per month. Its must be purchased in person at the regional branch of the National Health Fund (see locations at SMA Families from Ukraine who want to receive Spinraza free of charge but do not have any other title of public insurance should take out voluntary NHF insurance.

SMA Foundation Poland is ready to cover the cost of the voluntary NHF insurance for SMA Families from Ukraine until they have insurance on a different basis. Families who want to avail of this option are asked to contact us.